A Strategic Asset to Help You Achieve Your Business Goals

Eyefinity® offers eyecare professionals AcuityLogicTM, an intuitive, integrated system that supports patient communications, billing, and claims; point-of-sale (POS); business analysis; lab ordering; and inventory management.

AcuityLogic offers three different hosting options: On-Premises Self-Hosted, On-Premises Third Party Hosted, and Cloud. See the descriptions below to learn more about the different hosting options available to you.

On-Premises Self-Hosted

The self-hosting option allows you to host AcuityLogic On-Premises at your facility and gives you control of the server hardware, IT support, and redundancy.

  • Complete control over all infrastructure applications and data
  • Easy to distribute, deploy, configure, manage, and maintain

Product Features

  • Preloaded with more than 3,000 plans from all major insurance carriers
  • One-click insurance benefit calculations
  • Robust KPI and commission reporting engine
  • Multiple upgrades throughout the year, included with your support agreement so that you always have access to the latest version of AcuityLogic
  • Options to configure the software for your company needs
  • Cross-platform compatible (Windows®, Mac®, iPad®, and Linux®)
  • Integrate with VSP® Vision Care, TriZetto/GatewayEDI®, DVI, 4PatientCare, and Frames Data

AcuityLogic Cloud

AcuityLogic Cloud offers businesses a full-featured practice management solution without the hassle of server maintenance, security, or self-hosting.

  • No server installation required; browser-based functionality
  • Rapid delivery and deployment
  • Always be on the latest version with automatic updates
  • Pre-loaded frame, lens, and contact lens catalogs
  • Manage business from anywhere in the world
  • High-quality offerings at low initial costs
  • Hassle-free solution that adds zero infrastructure costs for administration and backup


AcuityLogic On-Premises Third Party Hosted

The third party hosted option allows you to have your application hosted at a third-party facility, so that you don't have to supply additional server hardware or internal IT support from your company.

  • No additional server hardware or internal IT support required
  • No significant costs of installing, maintaining, and upgrading the software in-house
  • Access to optical office management system and data from any web browser

“AcuityLogic has provided a broad spectrum of IT services to SEE, Inc., for over 18 months. During this time, their experience and knowledge in the retail industry has been a key factor to the health and growth of our company. We view our relationship with AcuityLogic as a competitive advantage and important strategic partnership for future plans and growth.”