Eyefinity's Portfolio of Practice Management Software

Every optometric practice is different. We understand that. To meet your unique needs, we offer an array of practice management solutions to meet you where you are. Our attention to what makes your practice distinctive is why we are the most-awarded practice management software company in the industry.  

Let’s take a closer look at each practice management solution: Eyefinity® Practice Management, AcuityLogic™, and OfficeMate®

Eyefinity Practice Management

  • Robust, flexible and secure cloud-based practice management solution. 
  • Increase productivity and accuracy with powerful VSP® interface, the strongest VSP integration in the market.  
  • Enjoy simplified remittance and payment processing through Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA). 
  • Enhance the patient experience with easy-to-use recalls and patient reminders. 
  • Connect anytime to any device for greater mobility.  
  • Check your clinic schedule from anywhere with smart phone capability. 
  • Intuitive scheduler lets you take advantage of flexibility through customization. 
  • Complimentary website and online scheduling enhances the patient experience. 
  • Simplified ordering and seamless lab order interface eliminates duplicate entry and enables automatic billing.  
  • Keep your data secure. We safely store your data on Amazon cloud, the leading secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud-based storage provider. 
  • Easily track practice performance with sales and operational metrics through dashboard analytics. 
  • Connect with 20+ industry-leading integrated partners to extend your practice management success. 



  • Scalable solution ideal for practices from six to 400+ locations.
  • Access your data anywhere, anytime. 
  • With a single click, calculate patient out-of-pocket expenses for 3,000+ insurance plans. 
  • Automate your claims processing for more consistent reimbursements. 
  • Use inventory management tools to sync inventory in the distribution center with orders submitted through the system. 
  • Track office productivity with on-demand reporting. 



  • An established, widely used, server-based, on-site solution.  
  • Ideal solution for practices with limited Internet access. 
  • MIPS ready and meaningful use certified. 
  • For version 12 or earlier, click here to upgrade to the latest version.