Advantage of Choice – Eyefinity’s Optometric Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software

As an eye doctor, you are an expert in the care and health of your patient’s eyes. Being responsible for your patients’ eyes includes not only prescribing the best glasses and contact lenses. You are also entrusted to support overall health, such as when you detect life-threatening diseases, including diabetes, cancer or glaucoma, from an eye exam. With the responsibility to the integrated wellness of your patients, how does Electronic Health Records (EHR) software fit into the picture? 

EHR software makes documenting your findings easy and efficient. This provides you the ability to focus more on your patients. Imagine charting, prescribing medications, sending referrals, and dispatching health education to your patients, all without turning away from the person sitting across from you.  EHRs also make tracking and participating in MIPS easier. 

Not every optometric practice is the same. Eyefinity provides several unique offerings to best meet your distinct practice needs.  

Eyefinity EHR

Eyefinity EHR is a cloud-based solution ideal for practices looking to let go of the effort, liability and costly IT issues, which may be associated with managing an on-site server. It can integrate with all Eyefinity Practice Management software solutions: Eyefinity® Practice ManagementOfficeMate® and AcuityLogic™.  

  • Adaptive technology matches each doctor’s preferred workflow 
  • iPad compatibility allows for greater face-to-face connection with patients during exams 
  • Safely collect patient data through designated iPad kiosks 
  • Robust, flexible, and secure cloud-based EHR solution 
  • Includes industry leading features such as Grand Rounds, protocols and Image Management 
  • Succeed with MIPS performance evaluation, with a built-in registry  
  • Supports IRIS for ophthalmology practices 



ExamWRITER® integrates with Eyefinity’s award-winning OfficeMate practice management software. 

  • Ideal solution for practices with limited internet access
  • Automate everyday tasks to increase efficiency and accuracy 
  • MIPS certified for tracking and reporting