eLab: Simplified Lab Ordering

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eLab is an efficient ordering system that allows you to place all spectacle lens lab orders—not just VSP® orders—online. eLab replaces the manual steps your staff would normally take to place and track lab orders.

From one simple location you can establish accounts, place, track, and ship orders to hundreds of labs nationwide. Streamline your practice and provide better and faster service to your patients.


eLab Benefits Your Business

Connect and manage

  • Select from more than 250 preferred labs nationwide—including VSP network and private labs.
  • Manage and track all lab orders from one screen—directly to your lab.


Integrate frame orders

  • Use eBuyExpress to ship frames directly to the lab and keep popular frames on your board.


Enhance your patient experience

  • Enjoy faster turnaround and fewer errors.
  • Satisfied patients may buy multiple pairs and refer new patients.


 Increase productivity

  • Reduce staff time spent on phone calls.
  • Eliminate jumping from system to system to increase time spent with patients.